A Note about hazardous materials

Propane tanks, camping fuel, gas cans. All of these and more have been found in units where items were abandoned. None of them are allowed and pose a serious fire risk. Below is a list of what CANNOT be stored in your unit. If you are a current tenant, these items must be removed.

Items which are volatile, flammable or explosive, or which are hazardous when exposed to moisture, or which will burn with extreme rapidity, or which when burning or subjected to heat produce toxic fumes or gases in quantities and under conditions dangerous to safety or health of any person, may not be stored, used or kept on the premises. These items include, but are not limited to the following;
1. Combustible Dust: Fine particles of matter liable to spontaneous ignition or explosion or constituting a dust hazard, such as lint, shavings, sawdust, flour, starch, sulphur, metal powdered plastics.
2. Explosive Gases: acetylene, ether, ethyl chloride, hydrogen illumination gas, petroleum gases, methyl chloride gas, oxygen.
3. Flammable and Combustible Solids: propylene products, nitrocellulose, asphalt, coal tar, pitch, waste paper and rags, feathers, straw, hemp, excelsior, kapok, oils, greases and fats.
4. Flammable Liquids: ether, carbon bisulfide, gasoline, collodion, acetone, alcohol, acetate, toluol, kerosene, turpentine and flammable paint and varnish.
5. Moisture Hazard Substances: magnesium powder, calcium carbide, metallic sodium, and sodium peroxide.

6. Poisonous, Corrosive or Fume Hazard Substances: hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, perchloric and other corrosive acids, corrosive, toxic or noxious alkalis, cyanides, ammonia, chlorine, phosgene, sulphur dioxide and similar substances providing like hazards.
7. Animals and/or perishable foods.
8. Any other items prohibited by law or ordinance.
9. Use of Premises: No mechanical, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly or other related work shall be allowed. No hooks, screws, nails or shelving shall be driven into the walls, ceiling or framework of the building or storage unit. Nothing shall be mounted or suspended from any part of the structure. No signs, advertisements, notices or lettering shall be allowed on any part of the outside of the storage unit.
10. Plastic or other acceptable form of protective barrier shall be placed under any item stored which may contain any fluids that could possibly leak or leave stains to protect the concrete floor of Unit.

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